About Bryn Griffiths


I'm a 30 plus year veteran of the Communications business. During this span I've done Radio, Television, Social Media, Public and Media Relations work. 

While most of my experience has been broadcasting sports and news, I also have interest in many other areas.    

I've been so lucky to be able to cover many top class sports events throughout the years including: Stanley Cup Finals, Super Bowls, Grey Cup Championships, World Junior Hockey Championships, International FIFA soccer matches, an F-A Cup Final and much more. 

What Am I Up To?


Now it's time to help people get rolling, creating the best podcasts, at my podcast production studio. I will also use my 30 plus years of broadcasting skills to make the process creative and fun for casual and corporate clients. 

After working for so many broadcasting giants, it just appeared the time had come to take my skill set and 'do my own thing'. 

 I've always loved the creativity and energy of a team atmosphere, plus working with others has always been a strength. 

I love telling a story. Let's do it.  


How Can I Help You?


I'm now doing Voice Over, Video/Audio Podcasts and Talent Coaching for a few clients. I love this and want to keep growing my customer base. 

My experience with the various methods of Communication has helped me craft how I can turn a good story into a great one.  

If you're interested just drop me an email and I will reach out to you ASAP and we can talk!