P.T. Barnum once said... "Without Promotion, nothing happens."

While most of my media background has focussed on 'in front of the mike', I also have a track record of 'radio advertising sales'. I understand how vital it is for most companies to constantly and effectively market their message to the masses. 

Traditional media has always delivered... but there's a new kid on the block and he's quickly turning into a monster. Both Video and Audio podcasting can help deliver eyes and eventually clients to your business and your website. 

It was reported at Canadian Music Week in Toronto,  36% of Canadians 18+ are now monthly podcast listeners, that's UP from 28% last year. The format is growing and Podcasting can be a great form of both entertainment and information.

The numbers keep  growing... and they're trackable. I'd love to help you get your message out.

It's growing and it's fun! 

Let's talk!