Mighty Big News





I will be teaming up with veteran sports journalist Robin Brownlee to kick off our weekly one hour audio sports podcast. We'll focus on most sports, but will try to stay on top of the hottest topics of the week in Canada. 

Plus, we have a long list of experts in the sports business who we'll be calling on frequently. Our first podcast will be out Tuesday, August 20th.

**this is not an actual photo of the two of us. 



Pleased to announce I will be hosting/producing weekly podcasts for @AskDrGanz starting the week of August 12th. 

The topic is STRESS... we ALL have it... let's talk about it. 

You'll be able to download it on all the popular locations including his website www.askdrganz.com.

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Making Cent$

Pleased to announce I will be hosting/producing weekly podcasts for Investment Advisor Dustin Lamontagne from Mackie Research Capital Corporation in Edmonton.

Our first podcast is out the week of August 21st and will be available for download at all the usual places including their website. 

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Czech this out!


Join Paul Almeida and myself for our daily LIVE video podcast from the World Junior Hockey Championship in the Czech Republic this coming December/January. 

The CANADIAN BEARS SPORTS Podcast will stream LIVE from our hospitality suite in Olomouc. 

Plus we also have Podcast Sponsorship packages for advertisers who would like to get on board! 

Better yet, come join us... only 50 spots left!  

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Mighty Twitchy

I will begin Video podcasting a fun general topic show LIVE on Amazon's Twitch platform very soon. The Monday through Friday show will run from 10a-12p MT and will repeat throughout the day on my dedicated Twitch channel. Currently the Amazon streaming platform has over 111 million potential viewers per week...and it's growing! 

My plan is to do a general topic show, including lots of sports stuff too. I'll have guests join me, plus will have 'real time' text messaging along the right side of my channel so people can leave their thoughts.

My favourite part of this is the mobility. I can up and move the show to any fun and exciting location quickly. 


UP! 99.3 Radio Edmonton

I'm now having some fun with my friends over at UP! 99.3 Radio throughout the summer. I walked through their energetic building a few months ago and the place is full of creativity and familiar media friends.

I'm helping out by reading the news/sports on their morning show when their regular news presenter  Al Stafford takes a well deserved break. 


Studio Update

I'm now officially in my new office!

I'm also now in the final stage of design work before starting construction on two studios inside my warehouse space in Southeast Edmonton. This will take more than a few months, but excited about the plans. 

My goal is to construct one large studio which will be used to record/stream both Video and Audio Podcasts. It will be aptly named 'The Big One'. The smaller studio will be for the recording of Voiceover projects and Audio Podcasts. Yes, it will be called 'The Small One'.  

While I start up in my temporary surroundings,  the goal is to provide additional, professional space and assistance to those who wish to expand their Video/Audio podcasting reach in a creative, energetic environment.